Bras and Boobs Are a Chronic Pain
Posted on: April 20, 2017, by : wordpressadmin

Well, I found out what’s making my back/ribs worse.. wearing a bra! Now as a lady of ample chest proportions I need to wear one! Trust me, without one I could fling them round my neck and use as a scarf in this chilly weather, or maybe more accurately, swing them round my waist and fashion myself a unique belt! Due to said back and rib pain, I left it off for a week, aaaah relief! Then I put it back on and half an hour later had to rush to rip the thing off because of the agony starting up again (and lasted 24hrs). What the heck do I do now?! Maybe I could start a new trend by myself to bring the African woman look into a fashion trend, hmmm, nope, don’t think that one will work somehow. Although I did read that there’s been scientific research into not wearing a bra and they reckon its actually better for you not to. That the ligaments in the breasts get lazy when you wear one and actually MAKE them sag! A bit like breaking an arm and it shrivels and gets weak during the time you have a plaster cast on it. I can’t say that’s a good idea when you have EDS and the ligaments are stretchy in the first place and don’t ping back again once stretched, I need my bra! I have found and all in one body thingy (technical term!) which has underwired cups but no bra strap back to it so I shall give that a go, I think it’s my last (only!) option.

I phoned my chiro to come and give me a good crackin’ all over and it was set for yesterday. I had sorted out a few things that needed doing because I knew I wouldn’t be able to do anything for at least a week after. My next assignment would have to wait for a week and then hopefully I’ll have enough time to submit it and get it marked before xmas. OF course, all the best plans go to waste because the chiro rang yesterday morning to say she had a virus and was cancelling. ARGH! That’s totally stuffed everything up. Plus, now my neck has joined in the fun and has tightened up, subluxed and giving me horrendous headaches, sinus pain, completely blocked nose, jaw pain, stinging eyes, ringing ears and god knows what else.

I have no idea when it can be rescheduled . When she’s better obviously but then there’s the risk of catching it and mucking up the treatment by sneezing and coughing. When you have EDS even a cough or sneeze will sublux, ooh about 20 million bones lol Plus it takes me a week to two weeks to completely recover from having it done and by then xmas will be upon us and I haven’t done my assignment.

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